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Terry's Art Shack #3:  "Row House for the Birds"




Terry's Art Shack #3, Row House for the Birds", dated November, 2008, titled and signed below.  Made with old painted pieces of wood found in the color and condition seen.  They are cut to fit the base structure, also created by scratch.

The Shack measures 32" high, 9" wide and 18" deep.

This will be displayed at the Fine Arts Work Center, Town Show in December, 2009.  This "shack" will also be made available for my December 30th auction, Lot 75 with an estimate of 500-1,000.  Due to that fact, it will not be available for sale at the FAWC exhibition.

More information on the birth and creation of this shack will be written soon.

Be aware that no doubt lead-base paint exist on some of the old painted pieces of wood.  There is also a copper floor.

There is currently no lighting fixture for this shack, due to the fact the owl likes it dark.  The nest he sits on, along with the 2 small birds on the top extension of the roof are part of a real bird's next next found in a hanging fuchsia plant this last summer on my porch.