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Terry's Art Shack #2




Measurements will be placed here soon.  Price is 1,500.00 through PAAM.
Signed and dated October-November, 2009. 

The light, unfortunately a modern piece is battery operated (2 AA Batteries, replaced with twisting the top part of the light).  Light comes on and off by pushing the light.

Constructed completely from scratch, no using a pre-fabricated structure as in Shack #1, this "shack" was made in 2 parts, the first being the roof.  The yellow part of the roof came from a shelf with curved edges and that beautiful yellow gloss.  After constructing the structure corners and walls (cutting down a long red painted board),  I affixed old painted pieces of wood in no particular color sequence or pattern.  When it came time to attach the roof with the base, I had made the base too big.  Fortunately, I turned it over to see "what if" and sure enough, I got it to fit. 

The interior has 3 linear multi-color paintings on the left wall, a modernistic abstract on the back wall, along with a tree and the right wall consists of 3 still life paintings created with old pieces of painted wood, using Gorilla Wood Glue (my newest best friend). 

There is a very real possibility, more like probability that this "art shack" is made with portions of lead-base paint.  I do not paint or alter (except to cut or possibly as in the "art sigh", carve a word) except to cut the wood to fit.

This piece is currently for sale for 1,500.00.  It will not be available for possession until January 2, 2008, when the exhibition comes down.

If you are interested in this piece, either contact me or the Provincetown Art Association and Museum to arrange.

Thanks, Terry